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Fees of German language courses in Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg & Mainz-Wiesbaden

Fees of german courses

We offer a wide range of German courses, flexible scheduling and also tailored course plans.
Whether you would rather learn in a group or individually, we have a program to meet your needs.

What´s important in our German trainings:

Please dont forget to bring a good dictionary (at least 60,000 references).

All levels from beginners to advanced are offered to participants studying for 1 to ... weeks.
Participants with no previous knowledge of German begin classes on fixed starting dates.
Participants with German language skills can start every Monday.

German Courses

Group lessons:

German-Intensive-Course 20:

for particiants who want to learn German from the beginning or develop their present knowledge for private, educational or professional reasons.


for participants who would like to supplement their group sessions with individual tuition - who have exacting needs which must be met in a short period of time.


The Exam fit-course gears you up for taking an internationally recognized exam.
You get to know typical exam questions and get ready with sample tasks.

In order to be admitted to a German university international students have to pass a German Language Exam before enrolment.

This course is a preparation for:

We suggest using the Power-Intensive-Courses for the exam preparations,too.
Here, in the one-to-one lessons, your trainer can additionally concentrate on your specific wishes and questions.

After the grading test we will inform you how many courses or hours you will need to pass the test you would like to take.

Please keep in mind, that for some exams you only have 2 chances!


The easy way for busy people to learn a language is a little and often.
We aim to make it fun too and give you a sense of achievement after a short time.

Conversation course:

To activate the vocabulary and the grammar you've studied you will talk about different topics in German - in a small group!

1 month - 100€

"Crash-Weekend" - "Refresher":

Would you like to re-fresh your language knowledge?
We can help you.
Only one weekend and still so many lessons - in total there are 16 teaching units in two days, in which you will really learn a lot.
Your language requirements will be contented fast and intense.

Price: 140€ per person

Individual tuition - ONE-TO-ONE:

The one-to-one lesson is the most intense and effective way to learn a language.
You decide the tempo, intensity and duration of the class - Individual tuition is tailored to your needs.
Syllabus of instruction and teaching material will be prepared according your personal wishes and requirements.
After a conversation with you, the lessons will be conceived according to your learning target.


You can make appointments with us either in the morning from 9.00am - 12.00pm, in the afternoon or at the weekend.


You can make appointments with us either in the morning from 9.00am - 1.00pm, in the afternoon or at the weekend.

Country & language

Castles by the Rhine river - Conversation is included

Experience the language and at the same time some of the German culture!
Rhinegau and its most beautiful sights offer the best scenery for this.

Travelling by van in a small group, accompanied by one or two conversation trainers, you will not only visit the famous convents and castles - but also treat yourself at a vintage.

Price on application - the price is dependent on the type and duration of the trip.

German cities

You have always wanted to visit the most beautiful cities in Germany and get to know the German culture and language?

We combine these aspects in one single trip through Germany.

You tell us which cities you would like to see and we will individually organise the trip and arrange for a language trainer to accompany you.

Price on application - the price is dependent on the type and duration of the trip.

Business German / Economy language:

The Evolanguage Business training is either on a one-to-one basis or can be arranged for a group of colleagues from the same company.

A course-program will be conceived according to your requirements and wishes.

The trainings can either be held in our institute, in your company or in a hotel specialised in seminars.

The training will always be arranged at a time to suit you and your work schedule.

For more information please send your enquiry to: evolanguage email

Course Levels:

Our course levels as compared to the European Framework of Reference.

Elementary 1A1Elementary use of language (Breakthrough)
Elementary 2A2Elementary use of language (Waystage)
Elementary 3B1Independent use of language (Threshold)
Intermediate 1B2Independent use of language (Vantage)
Intermediate 2C1use of language (Effective Proficiency) Operational
AdvancedC2Competent use of language (Mastery)

* Some of the targets of European Level A1 are acchieved.

All targets will be completed in Elementary 1.

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