Training philosophy

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Willkommen bei Evolanguage!

Learn German in Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg & Mainz-Wiesbaden

Learn German in Mainz

You can achieve this with the intensive and active EVOLANGUAGE-Training!

Why learn German with us?

How does the EVOLANGUAGE-Training work?

You will speak German from day 1 - guaranteed.

The EVOLANGUAGE-Training includes practical speech practices - combined with German grammar.
No matter if you count yourself a beginner or an advanced learner.
At the beginning you will speak short, simple sentences.
With our vocabulary training method, you will soon be able to form longer, more difficult sentences.

Small groups

With EVOLANGUAGE you will overcome your language-fears.
You will get to know the other attendees very soon in the small groups.
The language fears will be decreased very fast.
Soon you will speak and laugh together about everything.
In German of course!


You will broaden your vocabulary fast and effective!
You will actively learn between 30 and 50 new words every day with your trainer and fellow pupils.
These new words will be used immediately.
You will learn how to use the new vocabulary in the context and therefore remember it.


You will develop conversational skills - from the beginning.
In our German courses we cover the situations you are most likely to find yourself in while on holiday or on business.


Grammar effortlessly - with mind and understanding!
The trainer familiarises you with the new grammar - immediately afterwards these grammatical subjects will be used in sentences, which are formed by yourself.
Including the grammar in your sentences, this once more means: speaking, speaking, speaking...


We repeat new and existing knowledge over and over again.
With this repeating you will not only remember the subjects you learned for the moment - you will remember them forever.

Teaching method

The EVOLANGUAGE - Teaching Method is based on the keys to success for effective language training:

Our German courses are a fantastic and unforgettable experience for life.

You will make many new friends from all over the world, learn German and about Germany.

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